Be Seen by Susan Hageman

When we walk in the door of our house, our dogs Sadie and Savannah, run to us, wagging their tails, looking up expectantly. I find myself getting down on their level, scratching their fur, repeating, “I see you, Sadie! I see you, Savannah. Yes I do.” And they literally dance with joy!

Humans long to be seen, too, especially in this time when we are rarely seen in person. At least not like we used to be – at the store, at work, eating out, or in church. You may be “hungry” for some non-Zoom eye contact. 

For the most part, we are living in a sort of social desert, Houston-hot and largely alone. 

We find Hagar alone in a desert, too, in Genesis 16 – no cell phone, no Zoom, no masked trips to HEB, nothing. In the course of one chapter the Egyptian slave of Sarai has been used and abused, she is prideful and petulant, then ultimately runs away. She is unseen by everyone, and would’ve been unimportant to anyone who could’ve seen her. 

Except One. As she rests by a spring, she hears a voice.

Interesting thing about being alone; we might finally notice the God who’s always near. 

“She (Hagar) gave this name to the Lord who spoke to her: ‘You are the God who sees me,’ for she said, ‘I have now seen the One who sees me.’” (v. 13)

I still remember the words of a birthday card a roommate gave me in college, “If you could only see yourself as others see you….” 

What if you and I, in our own personal deserts, were to see ourselves as God sees us: no filter over our sin and pain, yet fully accepted and valued. Would that satisfy your longing to be seen? Would you dance with joy? Would you accept and value yourself a little more, flaws and all? 

Hagar named the place where she heard the Lord “Beer Lahai Roi,” which means “well of the Living One who sees me.” Drink deeply of that well today; and receive the comfort and encouragement of being seen by the Living One.

Try starting with this short music film which begins, “she’s crying in the desert; she’s lost in her despair…but I will lift her up again, for I’m the God who sees.”

Susan Hageman

What you’re reading right now?  
I always have too many books going at once, but two current reads are Imagine Heaven and The Simple Faith of Mister Rogers. 

What you’re loving right now? 
I’m loving the awe and wonder of seeing our grand-baby Charlotte grow and unfold day by day

What you’re watching right now?
 I’m watching The Crown, Season 4 

What attribute of God’s character you’re experiencing most right now? 
Attribute of God I’m experiencing right now – Peace in this season of the unknown