Be Content by Dawn Hon

Content – it’s a word that I’m not used to using. The dictionary defines content as being “peacefully happy” and sometimes it’s a word that I fear I may never be. Peacefully happy–is that even possible?? But, this idea of being peacefully happy has been sitting with me in more ways than one. Contentment, finding peaceful happiness, is something that God is calling me to be. It’s something He says is available for me and for you! And in this world of more I’ve really been wrestling with how one “is content” or “can be content”. 

Who the world tells us to be as women, versus who God calls us to be as women are two very different people. The world would have you believe that we have to be all things to all people…that we have to be the perfect daughter, sister, friend, wife, and mother. Check social media and you see all the highlights of everyone’s lives, instead of what’s real. All the “Pinterest” birthday parties and Insta-worthy photos are enough to wonder…Am I enough? Will anyone ever truly love me? When can I stop working so hard? Oh my goodness, I need to wax and do my roots…ugh, I’m the worst mother/wife/daughter/sister/friend ever. Making me scream, “WHEN AND HOW IN THE WORLD COULD I EVER JUST BE, LET ALONE BE PEACEFULLY HAPPY!?”When can I just be peacefully happy?

But God…oh. But. God.  God tells us that we are worth far more than rubies (Prov. 31:10), Just. As. Is. Did you catch that? He says we are worthy and enough BECAUSE He created us that way. By the grace of God, we are what we are (1 Cor. 15:10). And what we are, or rather who we are, is His beautiful creation. We don’t have to be more than that. We are already all the things, simply because of God. Simply because He formed us out of Adam’s rib and said that we were “very good” (Genesis 2:20?). He created you and me, all the women because it was incomplete without us, and He saw that WE were needed.  Who are we to say that God is wrong? Once we step into our God-given identity as the bride of Christ, we can be content. We can be peacefully happy.

Dawn Hon

Dawn is a mom of one, daughter to two, friend to many!  Born and raised in the Bay Area. She is a Junior High support counselor and her favorite job though is being a mom to Lucas!

  1. 1. What you’re reading right now?
    DogMan by Dav Pilkey (Compliments of my son). As for me, I’ve got a lot of books that have been started and not finished yet.
  2. What you’re loving right now? I’m loving who I’m becoming. God is doing some serious work on my heart. 
  3. What you’re watching right now? At the moment, when my son doesn’t have control of the remote? Jane the Virgin (it’s my guilty pleasure).
  4. What attribute of God’s character you’re experiencing most right now? Peace and contentment.  I never thought I’d be at peace with the current place in my life, but I’ve found it, and I’m content and dare I say, happy?! with it! It’s a cool feeling.