Be Held by Megan Chang

“But I have a routine when I get home!” 

“I wear different shoes out of my car….” 

“I throw my scrubs and mask cover into the washer in the garage and run upstairs to shower right away!“

“I gel in and gel out!” 

“My hands are always dried out from all the sanitizer and hand washing!” 

-some of the thoughts I had when I found out I contracted COVID, despite my efforts…

I work in the hospital as an Occupational Therapist. Unfortunately, despite my efforts to protect myself, I was exposed to COVID at work. With COVID I experienced discomfort and pain but as I look back, I have  discovered that I was held, held by God, who was protecting me. 

At the time, all my symptoms were mild compared to what I was seeing my patients go through, but one afternoon I could not keep anything down, not even water. Like I said, lots of pain and discomfort.During this time the most common question I received from everyone was, “Is there anything I can do to help?” I always asked for prayers, because there was nothing anyone could do to change my circumstances. 

In this moment all I could do was to rest and trust in God to carry me through. 

As I waited I came across Deuteronomy 33:12 and I felt reassured by the promise in this scripture that says, “God shields us all day long”. When I read the word shield, I automatically thought of all the PPE that I wear when working with patients who have COVID. Even though I was exposed to the virus regardless of PPE, there had to be a reason for it. I was in the middle of working as the surge was increasing at our hospital, God was protecting me from something worse by removing me from the environment. As I continue to heal, I have returned to work and I still need to lean into Him for strength and endurance, but God has used my experience as  a testimony to my patients to remain strong with God as their security and shield. 

This world has made us think we have to make everything happen for ourselves. But we do not need to do anything! God is our Father, who is fully in control, and He cares for us. We can simply BE held in His arms as He carries us through our troubles. 

What is one thing you can surrender to God today and let yourself be held by him? 

Megan Chang

I was born and raised in the Clear Lake area. I am an Occupational Therapist at the Harris County Hospital LBJ. I enjoy being able to work with a population that really benefits from the therapy along with being able to use my faith in God to connect with my patients. In my free time I enjoy singing, playing guitar, playing video games, and working out.

What are you reading right now? 

Every Single Moment- Stephanie May Wilson. This is a prayer journal to cherish every moment in your life, building your relationship with God and others. 

What are you loving right now?

Camp Gladiator! I was out from work for 3 weeks after getting Covid and I got deconditioned from being isolated in my room. Finally after about a month, I’m starting to really build up my endurance levels again and be able to participate in full workouts!

What are you watching right now?

 Sister, Sister on Netflix a childhood show I grew up on. I also have been watching movies on Netflix with my sister over the weekends.

What attribute of God’s character you’re experiencing most right now?

His Immutability. Regardless of what is happening in this world or in our lives God is constant and never changes. How amazing is that!