Introduction to the Be Series

We are so excited to share our new blog and our first series we are calling the “Be Series”. This series involves some of dear friends, mentors, and overall incredible women that are daily seeking to know what it means to walk in the identity of being God’s daughter, His chosen, His beloved, Simply His first—before any titles of mom, daughter, wife, sister, “job role”, “position title”, etc. This is hard in this day in age but we think even more because we are women and women wear lots of hats, take on lots of responsibility, and carry the weight of both close. It can be difficult to live “being” rather than live “doing”. 

So we invite you to enjoy these weekly devotionals with us that we are so excited to share, take off the titles of the world, and stand firm in the identity that God has given us – simply because He loves us, not because we did or need to do anything to receive them.